a far too typical sunday

now playing: chris whitley, “big sky country”

i’ll tell ya what, some days i could go without looking at a PC. this is shaping up to be one of them.

i have a machine in front of me that i really wanted to deliver tonight…it’s an upgrade project (i’m not typically fond of upgrade projects to begin with), and it’s become a stubborn upgrade project. i suppose i shouldn’t bitch, because these projects go my way far more often than they don’t, but my personally-enforced delivery date is looming over my head, and i’d really like to get paid for this before the bank opens tomorrow, so that i may please Our Benevolent Lady Of The Rent Payment. the combination of christmas and the skewered manner in which our paychecks are delivered this time of year have joined forces to constrict my cashflow somewhat. it’s purely a temporary situation…’specially if i manage to deliver this pitifully confused machine that i’m trying to upgrade.

i shall prevail, though. i generally do.

i have the technology.

i think that i’m actually in a good place to make some financial headway this month, actually…i have a couple of things that have been hanging over my head for some time that i’m going to get out of the way this month, and as i’ve been dealing with the glut of indie computer work that’s come my way, i may be in a pretty good place by the middle of the month to take care of a few things.

right after the holidays is a strange time for optimism, for me, but there ya have it.

dylan is making huge strides in both his guitar and bass playing lately. he’s learning songs now, and is learning how to voice chords on guitar and note substitution on the bass…if he continues to show this much enthusiasm down the stretch, he may become quite a player. it’s good to see him inspired. when i came downstairs this morning, he was sitting on the sofa with one of my guitars on, playing “smoke on the water”. i also taught him john mcvies’ bass run that opens the closing section of “the chain” earlier this past week, and he’s pretty much mastered that by now, too. he has a tendency to get frustrated with himself when it doesn’t come to him as quickly as he’d like for it to, but i’m trying to gently push him past that. that particular brand of frustration is dangerous…because you have to get past it in order to get to a point as a player where things come quickly enough to avoid that kind of frustration in the first place.

yesterday, i bought a guitar port for the studio that i think we’ll both be sharing – i wasn’t completely sold on it as a recording tool, but it kicks ass as an educational tool…and i feel as though i’ve been stuck in a rut for some time now, and i think it’ll be great for dylan, now that he’s starting to show some motivation. i also bought a behringer V-amp for recording, as it seems to be modeled more towards studio use. i’m avoiding the POD until i see what the guitar port sounds like. this isn’t stuff that i would typically even consider using, but the confines of my studio make it somewhat impractical to record blaring guitar amps in the traditional manner there…i have folks on either side of me who’d be oblivious simply by removing their hearing aids, but that doesn’t address the uncomfortability factor involved in making that much noise in a suburban area such as that where i live.

couldn’t do much for my playing, that’s for sure. i don’t handle awkwardness well.

dylan sure did look comfortable, man…wearin’ his eddie george jersey from last night with that PRS slung over his shoulder. once he gets it, look out.

late breaking news (as per CNNSI): green bay and seattle are going into overtime tied at 27.


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