the eve of new years eve

now playing: marty higgins, “california”


i, for one, am actually relieved that stone road isn’t playing this new year’s eve, as originally planned – i’m looking forward to the downtime. i have a couple (well, more than a couple, actually) of things that are clamoring for my attention at home, and am looking forward to dealing with it all over the next few days. i’ll miss the cash that would’ve come with the gig, to be certain, but i’ve already lined up a couple of ‘computer gigs’ to atone for the loss of income (one of which could be rather lucrative, looking forward to hearing all about that one, should the opportunity present itself).

my kids have been at my house since christmas day, and i’ve been absolutely loving having them around for a stretch like this.

i could absolutely be accused of bringing dylan into the world for my own entertainment, and wouldn’t have a leg to stand on to defend myself. he’s the clown prince of my family, hands down. i have a couple of dylan stories to relate, with hopes that you’ll forgive my lack of disciplinary demeanor…after all, it’s hard to condemn someone’s actions when you’re hyperventilating as a result.

*****dinner table, chestnut street west reading: dylan hands me the crust from his pizza, and announces he’s full. he continues to hang with jayda and i as we exchange small talk for a few minutes, after which point he grabs a clementine from the bowl on the dinner table and gets up to leave.

i stop him and ask of him, “hey….i thought you were full?”

he looks over his shoulder at me, flashes the patented Dylan Grin, raises his eyebrow Belushi-style, and says….

“….fulla shit.”

*****wyomissing family restaurant, wyomissing: dylan, jayda and i sit down for lunch and order. in timely fashion for a busy day, the food comes out with steam rising from the plates. dylan’s western omelet with cheese (which he ordered by singing the word “cheee-eee-ee-sse”) was the hottest of the lot, and the waitress cautioned him – “be careful, that plate is really hot.”

dylan replies, “yeah, just like me.”

a story from a few days before:

dylan and wendy are watching “the blues brothers” (a christmas present for young dylan, on DVD) and the scene in which elwood picks jake up at the pen is on. elwood utters the famous line to jake, “i wasn’t lyin’, man…i was just bullshittin’ ya.”

dylan looks at wendy and utters, “see? he knows the difference!”

we went for a walk last night to retrieve rocks for a school project that dylan has to complete before he returns from vacation, and ended up stopping for chinese food at our new favorite place on penn avenue in west reading – seems like we’ve done nothing but eat out the last few nights, but tonight i think i’m cooking in. not sure yet what i’m makin’, but i’ll think of something.

it’s gonna be almost too noticeable when they go back to mom’s to ride out their vacation from school.

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