football at the chaos house

now playing: john gorka, “january floor”

‘nother fifteen minutes and it’ll be 4 in the morning.

usually, cause for me being up this late would be a gig somewhere in the nether regions of the planet and maybe decided to head for queen city diner afterward, but tonight it’s because i waited until the kids were either in bed or headed that way and came to work.

i think i let the holidays impart some serious laziness on my ass, here. and tonight is do or die, catchup night for yours truly. i have two machines that have to be finished before tomorrow, and so i’m making sure they’re both up to snuff right now, before tomorrow gets here.

so we can kiss off sleeping in either day this weekend…ah, well.

the money’s been accepted, the checks have been deposited, and now the work must be done.

it’s not a huge deal, really…it’s just my complacency kickin’ my ass again. but i’m gonna make up for it in the days and weeks to come.

today has been declared “clean in” day in my house. this means that everyone who wishes to continue to live there conflict-free is going to join me in squaring the house away. that means unnecessary shit needs to find a place somewhere in the house that isn’t obtrusive.

“clean in” day has been a long time coming. and it’s overdue.

i did get to take jayda shopping today, and i hooked up her phone in her room for her. a certain individual had agreed to do that for her months (years?) ago, and it never happened. odd that this particular individual was always willing to ask for and accept my generosity without hesitation but could never get around to taking the half hour it would take to hook that up and stop over and do it…

he shall remain unnamed, however. there’s enough bad blood on that circuit right now as it is. besides, he still has a ton of my stuff that he’s never returned, and i hold out just a faint glimmer of hope that i may someday have at least some of it back.

anyway, “clean in” day, for me, will probably consist of trying to eke out room for another fifty pounds of shit in our ten pound basement, and filing away a ton of stuff that’s compiled on my desk over the last year or so…in addition to helping the kids box stuff up and get it ready to take that long trip down the basement stairs or the walkway in the back yard…

sports…the eagles and the patriots both won today – the pats clinched a first round bye, and the road to the super bowl, for the AFC, goes through foxboro now. in the NFC, it will likely go through st. louis, since st. louis plays the hapless detroit lions tomorrow. at this point, it’s pretty easy for me to forget that the lions beat up on the packers reeeeall nice on thanksgiving day…but hell, that was a long time ago.

i think it’ll be a rematch of the 2001 super bowl (minus, unfortunately, the goosebump-inducing halftime show courtesy of u2), with the same result as that historic super bowl – a heavily favored st. louis team gettin’ their asses spanked by brady and co.

you heard it here first.

ok, hard drive image has finished, and the defragmenter on the other machine is halfway done…i should go.

see you in front of the screen tomorrow.

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