yuletide hangover

now playing: gin blossoms, “hold me down”

it’s all over but the shopping trip.

dylan, jayda and company are going shopping on saturday with their christmas booty – it’s on its way to becoming an annual event…as they’ve gotten older, they’ve gravitated away from gifts somewhat to wanting money to go buy themselves their own gifts.

i’d have a hard time faulting them for that, considering that i usually buy my own present and put everyones’ name on it myself…i figure that way, i’ll be happy with what i get and no one has to sweat it. it’s the most stress-free method i’m aware of, to be sure. last birthday, they got me a ’56 reissue gold top les paul. wasn’t that nice of them?

wendy did get me the new john gorka album, called “old futures gone”. i listened to it yesterday while doing dishes, which is certainly not the best atmosphere in which to listen to a record you’ve never heard before, and i think it might’ve suffered as a result, in terms of my perception. on first listen, the record has something of a “sameness” to it…it sounds as if the whole record was recorded in one sitting, with the same band, playing the same instruments, with their equipment set up the same way. not that this has to be a bad thing – i can certainly think of some albums where that could be said, but to great effect (john hiatt’s “bring the family” album is an excellent example)…this one, though, at first blush, isn’t one of them. of course, i may listen to it again and totally rescind everything i’m saying here…and i hope that’s the case, but i didn’t hear any songs on this album that echoed the quality of his prior work (up to and including his last album, which had some great songs on it…”oh abraham” and “morningside” and “when you walk in”, among others)

i dunno…i’ll get back to you.

mitch came over for christmas, and we made the Magic Ham for dinner…afterwards we all watched movies until 2 in the morning. mitch and i were the last men standing, dylan coming in a somewhat distant second, having fallen asleep in the middle of “the two towers” at around 1 in the morning. he was coming to, somewhat, when i left for work this morning – he moaned a weak “…bye” as i was putting on my coat to walk out.

there’s something innately peaceful about sitting in a room with a group like ours last night and watching tv…enjoying each others’ company. especially after a great meal and some homemade apple pie.

to echo ice cube, “it was a good day.”

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