the agony of defeat

there comes that time, when you must look at the clock, and then at your word count, and concede that there’s really no possibility that you’re going to make the goal that has been set for you.

this would be that time.

i made a valiant effort – i got in around 6,000 words this weekend, but it wasn’t enough. the pull of everything else that i needed and wanted to do over the course of this month was stronger than the urge to make the goal. so, to those who have succeeded, i extend my congratulations, and i will very likely see you next year.

the odd thing is that i still have a pretty strong urge to finish the book…but i do need a bit more time to get my facts straight. there were a couple of sequences that were off kilter, a few things that i actually had to go back and re-read old journals and the like to clarify – and i was still off in a lot of instances.

now, though, i have some people who are clamoring for an ending…so i have a commitment to finish this thing, but i want it to be right, and i want it to read well. i’m not so sure that either of those things are true at the moment.

and it’s early enough, now, that i can still salvage some portion of this weekend for something constructive….so this is my goal, now.

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