you want me to fix what?

now playing: dolly varden, “be a part”

so right out of the gate, today, i’m being asked to fix something that doesn’t even resemble a computer. and, to quote the most overplayed band in rock and roll history, “i see a bad moon rising….”

nothing good can possibly come from this. but i will do as they ask.

ahwell. been reflecting on saturday night’s show, and what lies in store for the rest of the year…wednesday night, we’re playing a huge pre-thanksgiving party for an area biker club. i love those…and it should be a blast.

and i know that, all things considered, we had a good night on saturday night, when you factor in that we haven’t played in almost a month, but the vocal situation is still bothering me. i’ll admit it, right here, in a public forum…our vocals haven’t quite recovered from shawn’s dismissal. donnie hasn’t really found his way into the vocal mix yet on any of the songs he doesn’t sing lead on, and quinn doesn’t have shawns’ range. so, while a lot of the songs don’t really notice that he’s not around anymore, the ones that do make his absence pretty obvious. thankfully, there are only a few – but i remain convinced that we can overcome this.

saturday night’s gig was at one of those places that has a pretty tiny area for the band to set up in, so i had to stand right in front of darryl’s kit. literally, right in front of it….where i could feel the wind from his kick drum on the back of my leg.

huh huh huh huh huh…that was cool

ok, off i go into the realm of the unknown and unqualified…i seriously hope i don’t fry this thing…

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