mojo letter

now playing: redskins vs. dolphins on espn

long ago, i saw an episode of mork and mindy where a guy had died in her father’s music store…some guy that no one liked just dropped right there in the place, and when his wife came rushing to the store, they all told her how much they like him and what a great guy he was…so, mork disappears into the back room and uses an alien power he has that only works once every dozen centuries or so to bring this guy back to life. he does this, he says later, because everyone loved this guy so much…and doesn’t understand why everyone would say these things if the guy was an asshole – and they’re all pissed that he wasted this opportunity on the dickhead that no one likes.

fast forward to about six thirty tonight, when (after finishing some errands at work) i head over to the redner’s across the street from work…the redner’s immortalized in my earlier post…yeah, that one. the soup post.

anyway, i walk into the back toward the deli section and i can’t help but notice that the nasty-assed soup that i complained about was gone…replaced by the soup that they had before, the soup that wasn’t broken but that they insisted on fixing anyway.

so, i’m thinking to myself…i actually got what i wanted here. i wrote a letter, and it actually worked…bad soup gone.

so, i’m wondering – what if i’d put up with the soup and written my letter elsewhere, if that one was gonna actually work, then i shoulda used it for something a little more important. why didn’t i write dubya a letter, telling him to repeal the patriot act, bring our troops home, and look for another job.

no, i had to waste my mojo letter on soup.

i sure do feel like a selfish bastard.

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