now playing: jay ferguson, “thunder island”

(it should be mentioned that “now playing” features a kickass slide guitar solo from joe walsh…just in case you were interested)

this weekend, there’s a stone road gig. it feels like decades since we played last. sheesh, take three weeks off and you start to forget what people look like…

this weekend, i will tell you now lest it not be said afterward, will be busy as hell. i have a dozen things i want to do, and i’m 24 hours away from being officially ten thousand words behind in my nanowrimo committment, so that’s weighing heavily on my mind, as well.

i got out my journals last night when i got home and started reading through some of them – there sure was a lot of stuff that i’d forgotten in the time since all this happened. some things that happened, some things that were said, some names that i’d happily put in archive and wiped from my hard drive, if you will…but it’ll definitely make the next couple of chapters in the book a little more truthful and vivid…

…should i get a chance to write them this next 24 hours.

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