is this a scrunchy i see before me?

now playing: my wife’s awful taste in television

there are those who think that those who specialize in an area or a vocation excel in it all the time…but i’ve always thought the opposite to be true. most mechanics i know drive beaters, most cooks live at the drive thru, most carpenters have huge to-do lists at their own homes, and thus it is with those of us who make a vocation in the computer field…the PC that i type on as we speak has one monitor unplugged next to it, with a perpetual glowing reminder that reads “no signal input or cable disconnected”…

there are half a dozen computers in my house. one of those, the one in my daughters’ room, has had problems burning CD’s for over a month – i just got that fixed this evening. i also took a look at her printer, which she had told me this past weekend was jammed pretty solidly.

i opened up the printer, removed the remnants of paper from it, and found a hair tie wrapped around one of the internal pinch rollers – formerly freshly fallen from the desk it sits next to, i would assume. we both got a good laugh out of that one.

after i finished getting miss jayda squared away, i walked next door to my erstwhile studio to get back into the process of rennovations that have been stopping and starting for some time now, and ended up standing in the middle of the room for fifteen minutes or so, trying to get a handle on where everything would go when i reassembled everything. damn that guy who sold me the console and threw the stand in for free! if he hadn’t given me that option, i’d have a pretty solid handle on what i was going to do…but now that i have a stand for my console, i’m thinking that i might want to use it, and move the desk that it would sit on otherwise somewhere else in the room and do things differently.

choices, choices, choices…

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