another grey morning

now playing: jonatha brooke, “inconsolable”

now playing in my head: james taylor, “another grey morning”

raining. again today.

hardly unexpected, i guess…but it is starting to take its toll. i was glad the kids were overnight last night – it meant getting up a little earlier to manage the shower queue, but i hate it when they have to walk to the bus stop in shitty weather. i think i’ve talked before about how much that bothers me. i’ve actually started getting up early and picking them up at their moms’ and driving them up on bad days.

got a note this morning from my buddy jay, expressing some enthusiasm for my modus operandi regarding jodi’s album. i woke up this morning with patty griffin’s song “top of the world” in my head, thinking that would be a great song for jodi to cover…i also thought we could do a kickass version of “too soon” by eastmountainsouth.

now, though, i find myself sitting at work with no desire to do anything but curl up underneath my desk and take a nap. generally speaking, i’m pretty impervious to the weather, but today it’s not helping.

Repetition in the morning air
Is just too much to bear
And no one seems to care
If another day goes creeping by
Empty and ashamed
Like an old unwanted memory
That no one will claim
The clouds with their heads on the ground
She’s gonna have to come down

She said “move me, move me
I’m locked up inside”
Well, I didn’t understand her
Though God knows I tried
She said “make me angry
But just make me cry
But no more grey morning
I think I’d rather die”

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