deeply satisfying sofa nap

now playing – monday night football from a neutral corner in arizona

i have an infinite capacity for the surreal.

i realized this tonight when i saw toni braxton sexin’ it up alongside bocephus during the monday night football intro.


there most definitely is such a thing as bad publicity.

dylan came over tonight and worked on his homework on my computer here in the living room, and then came over and sat down next to me on the sofa and snuggled up next to me with his gameboy…we fell asleep together until a little before 9, when wendy woke me to talk to her parents on the phone. that’s when i realized he had curled up next to me and fallen asleep. i had draped my arm over him, and he put his arm around my forearm and fell asleep.

for all the tribulations that come with parenting in this day and age, those fleeting little moments are their own reward.

talked to the blakemeister today, whos’ having some ADAT issues, so i went shopping for him to pick up another machine as either a spare or a permanent second machine for blake…it’s well after eleven, but i’m still considering heading upstairs and doing some work before the night is up…i have laundry in, so there’s a premeditated excuse.

of course, i also have tons of other stuff to do, and – oddly – some energy to devote to it…courtesy of the father/son power nap earlier. wendy retired a half hour ago or so.

the chargers are depressing me, though. gotta change the channel. vh-1 classic. yeah.

so, let’s recap…this month, i’m working on finishing blake’s album (we have all day thursday booked at target in delaware), and getting the jodi project off the ground. i also need to get upstate and pick up the new console as soon as i get the van into the state.

i fear, especially of late, that the blog is turning into a combination of a giant “to do” list, peppered with whining about how much i have to do. i hope that’s not the case, but i think that realizing that it’s leaning that way is probably a pretty good indication that this is exactly what’s happening….

i don’t know if i mentioned it, but the stone road gig on saturday was a halloween party, and i walked in dressed as the late lowell george from little feat. i thought i looked pretty authentic, myself… although i’d have preferred to have gotten a pic during our 10 minute version of “dixie chicken” while i was playing slide on my open-g strat…then i’d a’been a dead ringer.

that was such a totally unintentional awful fucking pun that i almost went back and changed what i wrote.

quin got it immediately – he started laughing when i walked into the hall, and informed me right away that he knew exactly who i was supposed to be. other than wendy, who conceived the idea in the first place, he was the only one who “got it”. and that’s just fine by me. that was kinda the point in the first place.

lowell george was, very simply put, one bad motherfucker. nobody else sounded like him. he had a signature – he could play one note and you knew it was him. there are really only a few slide players that you can say that about – mister dave is certainly one of them…ry cooder and duane allman pretty much round out that list for me…there just ain’t too many more. not that there aren’t other slide players i love to listen to, but that’s my gospel quartet, man. lowell, mister dave, duane and ry…damn.

the big ending to the stone road shows has been, for some time now, this drawn-out version of “rocky mountain way” where i do the first solo through the talk box, and then plug in my lap steel and just go off for a few minutes at the end of the song. i’ve always been a disciple of slide guitar, in various forms…whether it’s my black dobro, or my 1946 rickenbacher lap steel or my new hawaiian steel guitar, i can’t make it through a gig without grabbing one of them. i just love that sound. it speaks to me.

well, i think i’m gonna concede defeat and turn in for the night. i have to get mister dylan outta bed in time to shower in the morning….two hampton men sharing the shower first thing in the morning is a logistical nightmare, lemme tell ya.

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