pressing forward

so we debuted the new guy last weekend, and overall, it was a good gig – spoiled somewhat by quin’s proximity to his home, which he interpreted as “i’m walkin’ home, so i can increase my alcohol intake accordingly…”. he was a little sloshed by the end of the night. it didn’t seem to affect his playing so much as his…talkativeness. he was sayin’ some pretty stupid shit towards the end of the night. so, that kinda put a damper on my enthusiasm, overall, for how the gig turned out. i’m pretty sure that i’m alone in that opinion, though. others in the band would probably say that any night that includes chicks takin’ their shirts off is a winner, as far as ratings go. there was a guy there that had two women with him, and he was kinda dancin’ with them, they were kinda dancin’ with each other…and at some point, they decided that they had a little too much clothing on their upper bodies, and off the shirts came.

not that there’s anything wrong with that…

i need to do some major, major updates to the stone road site – i’ve also been working on getting the site back up and online…you know how it is. the guy who works on a particular thing for a living rarely, if ever, has his own house in order – the mechanic who drives a junker, the carpenter whose house is in a perpetual state of disrepair, and the computer guru whose own website isn’t even online at the moment because he’s busy with everyone else’s…but i’m also taking on some new customers, and need to get them set up and squared away as well, so it remains to be seen if that’s going to happen as soon as i’d like it to.

one of those clients, finally, is Blake Allen, of Aunt Pat fame…we’re getting closer to finishing this record, and we’ve talked quite a bit recently about finalizing a band, and possibly doing some gigs as a trio – he, mollie and i. i think i’m going to have to be proactive about it and maybe put my booking hat on and go out and get some of them myself. the only places i’d really entertain the thought of booking any of them would be at steel city or knuckleheadz at the moment…but that’s temporary. i think that once we get them outta the house and playing again, and they settle into the new auntpat-less format, they’ll be fine. in the meantime, i gotta get an index page up for that one.

many, many new stone road pics to upload…and neither quin nor donnie are reflected on the site the way they should be.

this is gonna be one of those days where i go through the whole day preoccupied with all the work i need to do once work is done…

tonight is the landfall due date of hurricane isabel – and my wife is flying into philadelphia airport in the thick of it..theoretically. remains to be seen how flights are going to be handled. lots of anxiousness and cell phone minutes in my not too distant future.

i guess it’s karma – i had her drive to portsmouth, new hampshire to pick me up at a bus station in the midst of the new years’ blizzard some years ago…now it’s my turn. of course, this is all dependent on the airlines and their will/desire to fly amidst all this.

in the two weeks she’s been gone, i’ve succeeded in accomplishing a grand total of zero tasks i had planned on trying to get out of the way in her absence. not that this comes as much of a surprise to me – i guess i somehow had delusions that i’d have more surplus time without her around than i do when she’s here. turned out that this line of thinking wasn’t very well grounded in reality – the demands on my time didn’t change in her absence one little bit. so, as a result, the complete rewiring of the studio that’s due to take place is still pending, and the cabinetlike structure that i’m planning on erecting in the spare bedroom to house my guitars is still conspicuous by its absence. but, these things will happen eventually – especially since i finally cemented arrangements to get a larger console for the studio this past week. now i can start thinking in terms of wiring the room the way it should be wired – which will be quite a task unto itself (especially since i’ll be interfacing the ADATs with hard-disk recording in the same environment…i’m a glutton for punishment, truly).

ah, well…back to hurricane watching.

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