goodbye, warren.

“life is much more precious when there’s less of it to waste…”bonnie raitt

“if you’re lucky, they’ll remember the first thing that you did and something you do before you die.”warren zevon

“…to speak of missing persons – tonight there’s only one
and we all carry with us what the man’s begun….”
jackson browne

“please, God, don’t let me die and have jackson browne write a song about me…”warren zevon

“i don’t want to be just another useless memory holding you tight
or just some other ghost out on the street to whom you stop and politely speak
when you pass on by…vanishing into the night…left to vanish into the night…”
bruce springsteen

“don’t leave me here when so many things so hard to say are clear
i need you near to me – will you stay to the end?
when there’s nothing left but you and me and the wind..”
warren zevon

“walk down that lonesome road all by yourself
don’t turn your head over your shoulders
and only stop to rest yourself when the silver moon
is shining high above the trees”
james taylor

“shadows are falling and i’m running out of breath
keep me in your heart for a while
if i leave you it doesn’t mean i love you any less
keep me in your heart for a while….”
warren zevon

“all the secrets of the silence are so familar to you now
and you can stare into the darkness and hope it comforts you somehow…”
tom hampton

goodbye, warren. we’ll miss you.

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