banjos and karaoke

so i leave work at lunchtime earlier this week to hit the bank – and i decided to stop in for some chinese food, since i was in the neighborhood…and usually, at my favorite lunchtime chinese place, they play this godawful pseudo-oriental music, heavy on synthesized sitars and trying very hard to mimic american pop music. just plain awful. usually the food and the prices bring me back anyway, but this week was…different.

i went walking in at my usual late hour (there was almost no one there), and i hear this plaintive acoustic guitar part playing in the background…i paid no attention to it right away, until it became obvious that there was no vocal on this track…and then the chord progression revealed itself to me…it was “danny’s song”, the kenny loggins tune. initially i thought it might just be an instrumental version, until the harmonies kicked in on the last chorus, and it hit me like a ton of bricks…karaoke tapes! they were using karaoke tapes as muzak for the day! it went from “danny’s song” to “kodachrome” to “can’t you see” to “please come to boston”…all the songs were 25 years old or more….”still the same”…not only was it karaoke tapes, it was k-tel karaoke tapes.

talk about surreal…

so last night, during the four hours of sleep or so that i managed to snag, i have this weird dream…

i’m playing a date with blake, it’s outside – a carnival or something, because there’s lots of people and it’s loud…and i’m playing a banjo. it’s a six string banjo, but it’s not strung like blakes’ 6 string banjo, it’s strung with four high guitar strings and the bottom two strings are light gauge strings that were cranked up an octave, like the top strings on a 12 string guitar. and it sounded cool as hell. i guess it was an idea that was trying to reveal itself to me through my subconscious, since i hadn’t left room over my head for the “light bulb” to go off. so of course, i had to head straight for eBay and start looking around for 6 string banjos. that’s an instrument that i don’t have one of yet…haven’t hit the “buy it now” button yet, but i’m thinking it’s a matter of time now….

gonna take on some home rennovations while wendys’ away these next couple of weeks…i need to make some serious changes in the “studio” upstairs to make it usable and comfortable – need to get everything wired the way it needs to be so that it’s all patchable, and usable as such. i haven’t done much of anything up there over the course of the summer due to the lack of air conditioning in that room…but i haven’t really felt too compelled in that department, with everything else that’s been going on from a band/live standpoint.

gotta get through today first, though.

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