a voice and a guitar

…i could see myself getting back into doing solo acoustic gigs on a limited basis pretty easily, i think.

of course, i’d have to book them myself, and (barring my efforts on charlie degenharts’ behalf recently) i haven’t made any proactive effort to book an appearance for myself or one of my bands in years.

a big part of it is laziness, but an equally unavoidable truth is that i’m not very good at representing myself to the world. i don’t have much of a sense of my worth, i don’t think. i know my talents pretty well, but i don’t do so hot when it comes to placing a price on them and flaunting them before the talent buying public.

never have.

and after blowin’ it big time where the charlie dates were concerned, i think i’ll just let what trickles in happen, and leave it at that. sounds like a plan.

i did enjoy playing this weekend, though. i didn’t realize how much i missed going out with a guitar and playing by myself…there’s something different about the way i sing, even, when it’s in that format. when i’m singing with the band, it’s always on, head tilted back, screamin’ the blues. on saturday, it didn’t much matter to anyone what i played, when i started or stopped, etc…they just enjoyed what i was doing. a couple of them, enough so that they bought my CD while they were there too.

i played whatever popped into my head…mostly my old faves, but a few newer tunes too…it was a good experience…i’m glad i did it. i also got to play some pretty seriously competitive volleyball with the folks there too…

i think i’m gonna have to cave in and take something…my head is pounding and i’m not sure why.

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