…train leaves here this morning…

…everyone’s ready for the trip – i’ve got myself close to together, i think…

i have to put my lap steel, dobro and mandolin in the van, as i may or may not have a charlie session when i get to tn, and i typically am a pretty light packer, so it’ll basically involve throwing some clothes in a dufflebag.

but i did take some time to get some old pics of the kids together for my mom – i’ve got quite the backlog of them waiting to go back that i’ve been holding onto for ages.  some of them, i’d forgotten even existed as i was going through them…kinda funny to see my daughter, now completely engulfed in the throes of adolescence, as an awkward 6 year old.  i can’t even fathom what my mother probably has, in terms of old pictures.

my friend jay told me today that i should prepare myself for the age that my mom will have accumulated when i see her this week.  i think i’ve given that some room, but i’ve also had to give some thought to the fact that this could very easily be the last time i see her alive.  heavy stuff.

anyway, i should be sleeping now, preparing for the trip…so i think i’ll do that, if i can close my eyes.

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