but wait….

enough explaining myself, already.

on to the meat and potatoes, i think.

i just accepted a booking for a solo acoustic gig…something i had all but stopped doing.  the last acoustic show i did was in DC last year at the request of my old lawyer from back in the day, Heather…and it was in the lobby of a museum for a group of people who scarcely heard a thing I did – which was a fitting close to that chapter of my life, i thought, since it was similar to the lions’ share of the shows i’ve done through the course of my career.  i’ve been doing almost nothing but band and sideman work with the occasional session for a long time now, and have had no desire to return to being the guy in the corner with a guitar again.  still don’t, really.  but the opportunity presented itself, and i saw no real reason to say no, so i guess i have one more in me.

tomorrow is the 4th of july – which reminds me not of the epidemic of redneck, chest beating FoxNews Patriotism that’s all the rage these days, but of charlie degenhart.  got out “bridge street main” today and listened to it again…what a great record.  that was one hell of a band, and i sure do miss playing with those guys.  talked to charlie on the phone about 2 weeks ago…he’s still in nashville, talking about returning to the northeast depending on how things pan out with his management.  don’t know if we’ll ever put that band back together, but i do look forward to playing with him again sometime down the road.

blake allens’ solo record is drawing near completion, and that’s gonna turn out to be a great record…blake and i both have adat units in our home studios, and this project started out with the two of us trading tapes – blake actually had loaned me one of his adats when i started putting my place together, but eventually i caved and bought a pair of my own and we started working on parts between the two of us on off nights months ago without really knowing what we were gonna do with these songs.  they’ve blossomed, though.  and i’ve come to cherish my relationship with blake – i’ve known him longer than pretty much anyone else that i met during the time i was an active part of the phila music scene (which has slowly degraded into part parody, part oxymoron), and i’m glad that circuit never fully shorted out.

my cherished “white trash trailer park classic rock cover band” is doing our first gig without our new keyboard player this weekend – i know i’m gonna miss him already.  hope that doesn’t play its usual tricks with my attitude.  i’m a pro at going into a gig with a chip on my shoulder if i know beforehand there’s something that’s going to bother me…this would be a good instance of that.  but i think it’ll be fine, once we’ve gotten through the first three songs and i reacquaint myself with what the songs sound like without the B3 in the mix.

bought a custom built telecaster with a bigsby this week.  still waiting to hear from my guitar tech with regards to the fate of the strat i’m supposed to be getting from him…

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